OACs can present challenges beyond bleeding risk, including issues with adherence, compliance, and drug interactions. With 70k+ patients implanted, WATCHMAN could be a solution for more of your NVAF patients than you may have thought.

72% reduction in major bleeding events vs. warfarin more than 6 months post procedure1

95% implant success rate2 with a low 1.5% complication rate3—similar to ablation therapy

Lower total out-of-pocket spending vs. warfarin by year 2 and half the cost by year 54



Consider WATCHMAN for a Broader Range of Your NVAF Patients

WATCHMAN is a safe alternative to OACs for your NVAF patients with any of the following:

  • A history of bleeding
  • Risk of future bleeds
  • Compliance issues
  • Lifestyle or occupation issues
  • Drug interaction issues


Learn more about the WATCHMAN Indication

Help Your NVAF Patients Get to Know WATCHMAN

We know your time for patient education can be limited. WATCHMAN has a wide array of resources to help you convey the information your NVAF patients need quickly and accurately.

Patient Animation:  This Is WATCHMAN

A quick and simple in-office video to help your NVAF patients get to know WATCHMAN.

Watch video >

Download video >


Patient Education Brochure

Information your patients can take with them about AFib, stroke risk, and WATCHMAN.

Your Guide to Getting WATCHMAN

Next steps and other practical information for patients who are moving forward with WATCHMAN.


Streamlined, Simple Referral

Referring your NVAF patients for WATCHMAN is a simple 3-step process:

Give your patients the information they need, including our patient education resources and the implanting physician’s contact information

Using a referral form or EMR (depending on the implanting physician’s preferred method), document your consultation so the implanting physician has access to all referral information

Send the referral form to an implanting physician via their preferred referral method. Looking for a local implanting physician?
Find one here >

Learn more about the referral process >

Download referral form

1. Price, MJ, et al. JACC: CV Interv 2015; 8(15): 1925–1932. 
PREVAIL findings (3 Years vs. 5)

*2. Holmes DR Jr, Kar S, Price MJ, et al. Prospective randomized evaluation of the Watchman Left Atrial Appendage Closure device in patients with atrial fibrillation versus long-term warfarin therapy: the PREVAIL trial. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2014;64(1):1–12. 
*Procedural Success defined as deployment and release of the device into the LAA with no leak greater than or equal to 5mm

3. Varosy P et al. JACC 2018; 71(11): A320.

4. Armstrong S, Amorosi SL, Patel P, Erickson GC, Stein K. Medicare Beneficiary Out-of-pocket Spending for Stroke Prevention in Non-valvular Atrial Fibrillation: A Budget Analysis. ISPOR 2015. 
Note Estimated costs are based on national averages of 2019 U.S. Medicare rates, and assume a 20% copay for Medicare Part B. These estimates will vary depending upon the patient’s individual healthcare policy. Insurance coverage can vary significantly from one plan to another, even within the same insurance company. We therefore recommend that patients contact their insurance provider directly with questions regarding estimated patient-specific out-of-pocket costs.